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Moflo Wines

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The Client

MoFlo Wines is an exciting new wine consultancy / import-export company, dedicated to creating a market for small wineries in Australia and Europe through their considerable contacts.

“We were really impressed with how the team at Mau Media managed to capture our vision and entire persona. They knew exactly the vibe we wanted to portray and it was really hard to choose between all of the designs they presented. They also worked with us on tone of voice and messaging, and we now feel we have real continuity and consistency across the company.”

Mark Flounders, Founder & MD

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The Project

Moflo Wines had a clear vision of how their business worked, but were struggling with how to convey this to their audience. We worked closely with their Head of Marketing to understand their key demographic and began working on a tone of voice that spoke through the noise of other wine consultancies – naturally bringing out the great personalities behind the business. Teamed with a modern, fun logo and rich pallet, we’re confident Moflo Wines have all the tools they need to bring new routes to old roots.

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