Laughing Llama

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Laughing Llama

The Client

Laughing Llama Coffee & Bistro is an independent coffee shop in York. Proud to be Yorkshire, they support local suppliers and businesses whilst serving a range of hot and cold sandwiches and cakes, freshly made and using locally sourced ingredients.

A relaxing atmosphere and dedicated family space on the first floor makes it the perfect place to go with children, or just for a change of scenery and a proper coffee!

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The Project

Laughing Llama required full branding for their new cafe and bistro in York. Working alongside the owners, we managed to “get inside their heads” (their words, not ours!) and deliver a logo and creative suite that represented their style completely.

The challenge of balancing a chilled, sophisticated vibe with a family-friendly edge was accomplished, with marketing collateral and promotional material subsequently provided to work seamlessly alongside their launch campaign.

The Llama team then commissioned us to build their website using a friendly CMS for efficient content management. A consistent, fun and professional result was achieved across all platforms.

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