Brighter Futures

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Brighter Futures

The Client

SERICC’s Brighter Futures aims to enable parents to make confident, informed, choices which they feel are right for their children. Under the programme SERICC provides an integrated, intensive and highly personalised offer of help intended to support and equip families to learn and apply parenting skills that develop resourcefulness and resilience while strengthening positive relationships with their children.

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The Project

The Brighter Futures team required a responsive website that would serve as an app for their clients that was appropriate to survivors ranging from primary school age though to adult-hood. We worked closely with their counselling team to devise a suitable user journey, as well as illustrator Lauren Marina to create a positive, uplifting journey. Our aim was to balance the ‘fun’ imagery with the serious content, with a view to appealing to, and not unintentionally ostracising any user groups.

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